Fresh Fruit Heals Leaky Gut

The best recipes for a leaky gut contain whole foods (unprocessed foods), but some in particular. Perhaps you’re sick of fruit and are now going for those high carb snacks. I think we all have gone through the feeling of being deprived when we first start a gluten free diet, though once you find your favorite brands of gluten free baked goods, including bread, all hell breaks loose on the scale, at least those of us who have healed already. This is why I have been concentrating on finding a more healthy gluten free snack. Though I don’t ever think I’ll give up perfecting gluten free baked recipes. Everything in moderation, right? So, while your gut is still healing, ditch those high carb baked goods and reach recipes for leaky gut such as those containing high complex carbohydrates: legumes (if tolerated),¬†fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Continue reading “Fresh Fruit Heals Leaky Gut”

No-Cook Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

Raw Chocolate Mousse

Imagine a no-cook sugar-free chocolate mousse that is also gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free, corn-free, vegan and more! – that takes 5 minutes to whip up! Of course, you’ll need to soak one of the natural sweeteners, but that just takes about 4 hours. What is that sweetener? Dates! If you’re diabetic or low-carb, use a bit of stevia instead. Inspired by a few of my Facebook friends, I decided to create more gluten-free, sugar-free recipes. I’ve been meaning to grill some fruit but haven’t cleaned the grill yet. Unexpected guests? This is sure to please, as well as a great conversation topic! You can be sure I’ll be creating several versions of this recipe in the very near future. Perhaps with strawberries and bananas (not avocado and strawberries because that will turn to a brown color), other fruit and added nuts, like macadamia¬†nuts or walnuts. With summertime here, it’s great not to bake! Enjoy and stay healthy!

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Gluten Free Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet (Naturally Gluten Free)

It’s strawberry season again and I am delighted! Sorbet is gluten free,¬†naturally, but not always egg-free. This strawberry sorbet recipe includes several choices of ingredients. Due to my citrus allergies I used cream of tartar in place of lemon juice, but if I could have use lemon juice, and suggest you do for a more flavorful sorbet. Pineapple juice or orange juice will also work well. As a thickening agent you can either use a food starch or egg white, whichever works best for your diet. If you are watching your sugar intake or prefer a refined sugar-free version you may use agave nectar/syrup in place of simple syrup (sugar and water heated). Adding a natural food coloring will make it look more appetizing, but it is not necessary. Select Tea makes natural ones. If you do use food coloring, you are not limited to red. Green makes an awesome gluten free sorbet, as well. ¬†Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Strawberry Sorbet”

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Image: Gluten Free Sugar Free Raw Banana Ice Cream

There is a YouTube video on how to make raw banana ice cream with a juicer. You just remove the skin from bananas; freeze the bananas, whole; remove the filter or screen from your juicer; feed them through and voila! РYou have soft serve banana ice cream.  However, what does one do if they do not have a juicer? You can even make ice cream without an ice cream maker and both without a juicer. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, raw, refined sugar-free and sugar-free, as it is naturally sweetened. Enjoy this healthy treat!

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Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

I am trying to cut dairy out of my diet a little bit at a time but miss my rich chocolate ice cream recipe. It’s one of my husband’s favorites, too. I have created several almond milk ice cream recipes, but today I incorporated the raw almond milk recipe into this dairy-free, gluten free, raw chocolate ice cream recipe and made it richer and creamier. It is high in protein compared to regular ice cream. You can make this recipe by using almonds or a lower protein version that is nut-free. I knew I had duplicated my dairy version perfectly once I saw the same consistency before it was frozen in the ice cream maker, just like homemade pudding before it sets in the refrigerator! Continue reading “Raw Chocolate Ice Cream”

Gluten Free Raw Fudge

Gluten Free Raw Fudge

After watching this video recipe on Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake I have been wanting to try it. Unfortunately, I had no avocado for the frosting, nor raspberries for the filling. Darn! I tried a different spin on things and made a smaller portion of what I really would like to call “guilt-free” raw fudge. This raw fudge makes a great dessert, as well as a snack, and is also low-sodium, low-fat, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dessert. And healthy, too! Continue reading “Gluten Free Raw Fudge”

Raw Almond Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream

Image: Avocado Ice Cream

This recipe is dairy free, refined sugar-free and additive-free. I love pistachio ice cream but have had trouble thinking of a way to make it green without using artificial food coloring. I recently learned that avocados may be used as a substitute for eggs. Do you see where this is going? A raw avocado ice cream recipe made with almond milk, but instead of using vanilla extract, as some may have thought, I used almond extract. Just delicious! It also contains agave syrup. Check out my recipe below. Continue reading “Raw Almond Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream”

Hemp Milk Recipe

Hemp Milk

I had purchased some hemp seeds a few months ago when I was watching one of Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen videos, but since I am already adding hemp protein I feel that I do not need them in my morning protein shake. I also made the mistake by ordering hemp seeds still in their shells and they also were not raw but heated. They are so tiny, I could not possibly shell them myself. I needed a use for them and found it, a hemp milk recipe! I am sure you can make the same recipe with raw hemp seeds, too. Continue reading “Hemp Milk Recipe”