Gluten Free Pretzel Wreaths

I love the combination of sweet and salty! I love making edible Christmas ornaments even more. These pretzel wreaths are not only fun to make, they are beautiful and fun! They are a wonderful project for the kids while they’re home on vacation.

UPDATE 12/10/2019: Glutino now makes Gluten Free BIG Pretzels.

Gluten Free Pretzel Wreath


Yield: Makes 5 - 6 wreaths, depending upons

Gluten Free Pretzel Wreath

Make beautiful and edible holiday decorations this year. These gluten free pretzel wreaths are held together by melted gluten free white baking chips and embellished with gluten free decorations.


  • 1 (10 oz.) bag Gluten-free white baking chips (Hershey's Premier, Ghirardelli, & SunSpire*) (contains soy)
  • 1 (8 oz) bag Gluten-free pretzel twists (Gratify or Glutino brands)
  • 1 container Gluten-free small-size confetti sprinkles** (or Christmas confetti) (optional)


  1. Melt the white baking chips in a heat-proof bowl, over hot simmering water. Work in small batches to prevent it from setting.
  2. Lay out large sheets of parchment paper inside a baking sheet. (A baking sheet is not necessary, but if you wish to move them to the refrigerator to set, it is necessary.)
  3. Arrange 6 pretzels into the shape of circle/wreath.
  4. Spoon some melted white chips on the inside portion of the circle as illustrated in the photo. Do not add confetti to this side. Set aside until set.  To speed up setting, refrigerate.
  5. Once set, carefully turn over the wreaths. Reheat the melted baking chips and spoon over the side, in the same area. Immediately add confetti or other gluten-free decorations. Allow to fully set.
  6. Thread them with some holiday ribbon. Tie in a not and use to hang up anywhere, including a tree. You can also prompt them up on a table along with a holiday centerpiece or vase of flowers.


*SunSpire white baking chips do not contain any artificial ingredients. You can purchase them at

**If you cannot find gluten free decorating confetti, prior to beginning this recipe, color some melted white baking chips with gluten free food coloring gel (AmeriColor brand is one). Then pipe out little dots on parchment paper. Once they are set, they may be used to attach to melted chips. Most decorating supplies made by Cake Mate and Betty Crocker are gluten-free, but are exposed to gluten on the same manufacturing lines. Learn more about this at Are Cake Mate and Betty Crocker Decorating Products Gluten Free?

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