Best Gluten Free Bread and Recipe

The Best Gluten Free Bread

If you are new to the gluten-free diet and find that you cannot bake a decent gluten-free bread or are looking for the best gluten-free bread to purchase, you are not alone. ¬†Just about everyone I know had trouble in the beginning.¬† Nowadays, you can definitely purchase a wonderful gluten-free bread or baguette. Below, I provide suggestions for the best brands of gluten-free breads and how to bake your gluten-free bread successfully! Continue reading “Best Gluten Free Bread and Recipe”

Is Liquid Smoke Gluten-free?

Image: Wright's Liquid Smoke - Hickory and Mesquite

I get asked the question, ” Is Liquid Smoke Gluten Free?” quite often.¬†You may have read in my post, “Celiac: Foods to Avoid” (a list of foods that are unsafe on a gluten-free diet) that some food items containing smoked flavoring may contain barley, as barley malt is sometimes used to captured smoke from the wood. It is mostly used in some beers and whiskey. Usually in the U.S. liquid smoke is gluten-free. I list below the brands of liquid smoke which I have found that are advertised as being gluten-free, both in the U.S. and in France. Continue reading “Is Liquid Smoke Gluten-free?”

Gluten-free Giveaway and Review: Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating

Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating

Dakota Lakes¬†Gluten-free Gourmet Coating is absolutely wonderful! ¬†If you are looking for a premade gluten-free breading, look no further! ¬†Fisherman find it one of the best breading mixtures available in the U.S., even those not on a gluten-free diet! ¬†It is wonderful for fish, chicken, pork chops, vegetables, a filling for burgers and meatloaf, atop baked macaroni and stuffed zucchini or bell pepper! ¬†It is¬†gluten-free, fat-free, no sugar added! ¬†It is also¬†certified Kosher Pareve. Continue reading “Gluten-free Giveaway and Review: Dakota Lakes Gourmet Coating”

Gluten Free Products List

 Q. What can you eat on a gluten free diet?

I began compiling this gluten free product list a few weeks ago. Though it is not completed, and never will be, I thought I would publish it before it is outdated, though I’ve included many links for you to double check. I will continue to add additional items each week as I run across them. I hope you find this list useful.

These items were gluten-free the last time I checked. Always check labels and/or with manufacturers before consuming. ¬†Somehow all of the links disappeared from this list. I am slowly adding them back. It is always best to check links to find the latest information. In addition, many links are no longer active. Sometimes manufacturers decide that it is too great a legal liability to state which products are gluten free. Often times, ingredients change in products. Continue reading “Gluten Free Products List”

Gluten-free Kids Recipes

Gluten Free Lunch for Kids

Often I receive requests for gluten-free kids recipes. ¬†I no longer have children at home and my grandchildren live out of town. ¬†I do have a category for¬†gluten-free kids recipes, but do not have enough to satisfy my readers with kids. ¬†I thought perhaps that having a separate forum for those who wish to share gluten-free recipes for kids; links to those recipes that are copyrighted; gluten-free kid-friendly restaurants; any allergy, autism, ADHD or celiac disease¬†kids information pertaining to kids on a gluten-free diet. ¬†A couple of moms wish to learn and share what they know. ¬†Share in our new forum here. Continue reading “Gluten-free Kids Recipes”

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I wanted to take the time to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate all your support.

Every Thanksgiving I think back to 1981 when I cooked my first holiday dinner, all by myself. Well, perhaps not all by myself! I did have two older sisters who were in the kitchen non-stop to make sure I did not mess anything up. I found it a bit difficult to learn when they were doing everything for me, year after year, but what are sisters for? Right?

Finally, one day my mother handed down her Joy of Cooking cookbook to me. She did not like it, as she always depended upon her Betty Crocker cookbook for everyday recipes. Once I had the Joy of Cooking in my hands I was able to branch out on my own.¬†I think the first thing I made from that cookbook were cream puffs. Yum! The puffs came out wonderful, but I wasn’t too fond of the custard.¬†I wanted to duplicate the custard in the cream puffs from Victoria’s Bakery in San Francisco. Unfortunately, no luck there. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving to All!”

National Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month

Gluten-Sensitivity Image

November is not only National Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month, but a special day is marked for the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Since November 19, 1990, when the Celiac Disease Foundation‘s articles of incorporation were filed with the California Secretary of State’s office, (and are refiled annually), they, a non-profit public benefit corporation, have been diligently raising awareness of the disease. Celiac Disease Foundation Continue reading “National Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month”

Celiac Disease: In Memory of Dr. Mathew Baillie

Dr. Mathew Baillie, born October 27, 1761, known to have been one of the frontiers in celiac disease, discovered that a gluten-free diet would help those suffering from gastrointestinal problems and other symptoms, what is now known to be celiac disease.¬† In the early nineteenth century Dr. Baillie documented the improvements of following a gluten-free diet, and for the first time, the relapse upon reintroduction of gluten.¬† He explained, “Some patients appear to derive considerable advantage from living almost entirely on rice.”


October is National Celiac Disease Awareness month and I wanted to share this informative video with you to provide you with additional information to raise awareness on the subject.

Continue reading “Celiac Disease: In Memory of Dr. Mathew Baillie”

Gluten Free Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado Chicken Salad

I love avocados and I thought, “Why not mix it up with chicken for an avocado chicken salad sandwich or atop a salad?” I allow myself a serving of avocado once a week, as a treat. Adding a little Greek yogurt makes this recipe even less in calories, or use mayonnaise for richness, or neither. This is a quick, easy avocado chicken salad recipe that anyone can make. And it’s great for using up leftover chicken. You’ll see the sandwich photo below which shows the dairy-free version, and the salad photo showing the dairy version Continue reading “Gluten Free Avocado Chicken Salad”