Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I wanted to take the time to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate all your support.

Every Thanksgiving I think back to 1981 when I cooked my first holiday dinner, all by myself. Well, perhaps not all by myself! I did have two older sisters who were in the kitchen non-stop to make sure I did not mess anything up. I found it a bit difficult to learn when they were doing everything for me, year after year, but what are sisters for? Right?

Finally, one day my mother handed down her Joy of Cooking cookbook to me. She did not like it, as she always depended upon her Betty Crocker cookbook for everyday recipes. Once I had the Joy of Cooking in my hands I was able to branch out on my own. I think the first thing I made from that cookbook were cream puffs. Yum! The puffs came out wonderful, but I wasn’t too fond of the custard. I wanted to duplicate the custard in the cream puffs from Victoria’s Bakery in San Francisco. Unfortunately, no luck there.

Then the internet came along and opened up a vast new world for sharing recipes. I was in heaven! One of my favorite desserts is creme brulee.  I hadn’t made cream puffs since the 80s, but once gluten-free, I decided why not create a creme brulee along with a gluten-free creme puff recipe. I did it, though, I still want to perfect it down the road. I’m half Italian and as long I have my occasional cream puffs I’m good to go! I am definitely thankful for my cream puffs, as well as my gluten-free phyllo dough!

More importantly, I am thankful for being able to share my gluten-free cooking experiences with all of you. You all inspire me to cook better, to create more, to communicate better, to share more and to appreciate my health. I know many of you have celiac disease. I do not. I am thankful to provide, those new and old to the gluten-free diet, a way of managing their health deliciously and with variety!

I have learned so much from those before me! There are so many gluten-free blogs, gluten-free cookbooks (also see Gluten-free Cookbook Reviews) and the wonderful authors I have interviewed on Carla’s Cooking. Thank you all so much!

Our community is a wonderful thing! We share and support one another, which you do not see often enough in the world today.  Thank you all for being part of my gluten-free journey!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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