Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts

Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts

I must have lived a shelter life as I never had heard of apple cider donuts until recently. They showed a recipe for Apple Cider Donut Trifle¬†on The Chew TV show. With the flavors of Christmas, I thought I’d give a gluten free apple cider donuts recipe a try. They turned out delicious! They remind me of hot apple cider in the form of a donut.¬†If you haven’t ever tried one, now is your chance.¬† Continue reading “Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts”

Pumpkin Yeast-Risen Gluten Free Donuts (Picarones)

Image: Raised Gluten Free Donuts - Pumpkin

I have been wanting to make some yeast raised gluten free donuts, but was so excited when I discovered picarones. They are also risen donuts, but made with a sweet squash (pumpkin in this case) and sweet potatoes. They are also known as Peruvian donuts as they are popular in Peru.¬†You can make these gluten free donuts using fresh or canned pumpkin. Just note that fresh pumpkin tends to vary in moisture and may not turn out the same. Meanwhile, enjoy these delightful treasures. Picarones leave a lasting impression to tourists who visit¬†Peru. Continue reading “Pumpkin Yeast-Risen Gluten Free Donuts (Picarones)”

Gluten Free Apple Rings

Image: Gluten Free Apple Rings

In a mood for a healthier alternative to donuts? These gluten free apple rings may just fit the bill. Rather than starch filled donuts, these fritter-like rings are filled with the natural sweetness, nature intended. The batter is lighter and crunchier than my Gluten Free Fruit Fritters recipe; skipping the butter, milk, egg whites, and baking powder, and replacing all with sparkling water. Though the batter is thinner, it can be made thicker simply by adding an additional tablespoon or so of rice flour. Top them with powdered sugar or an apple cinnamon caramel sauce (recipe included). Continue reading “Gluten Free Apple Rings”

Gluten Free Jelly Donuts or Custard

Image: Gluten Free Jelly Donuts

This recipe was adapted from Martha Stewart’s¬†Hanukkah Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnuts.¬†My intention was to develop a recipe for gluten free jelly donuts prior to Hanukkah, but unfortunately, work and caring for my elderly father caused a delayed. Sufganiyot, otherwise known as round jelly donuts are an Israeli delicacy associated with the miracle of the oil that burns in the¬†Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Deep-fried foods are eaten up to and through Hanukkah. Continue reading “Gluten Free Jelly Donuts or Custard”

Chocolate Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Donuts Doughnuts (Baked)

These are my favorite gluten free donuts, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I had run across the cardboard wrapper that surrounded my donut pan and had been craving them, as I see it quite often. My husband’s favorite type of donuts are chocolate, and he’s coming home today from out of town. I thought what better way to greet him than have chocolate gluten free donuts awaiting him? Well, the first batch I forgot to add the milk, which caused them to be too dry. They already had been placed in the oven when I realized it. Gee, where was my mind that day? Well, I played around with 2 different batches today, and finally achieved success! Enjoy! And if you’re dairy-free, see “Tips” for a great dairy free ganache. Continue reading “Chocolate Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Donuts Doughnuts (Baked)”