Custard-Filled Gluten Free Donuts

Rather than make full-size gluten free donuts, you can make these adorable custard-filled donut holes instead. Let’s face it, anything fried is delicious, but adding custard or a simple vanilla pudding makes it outrageously delicious!

Custard-Filled Gluten Free Donut Holes


Yield: Makes appx. 3 dozen donut holes

Custard-Filled Gluten Free Donut Holes

These gluten free donuts make a two-bite snack that appeases the sweet-tooth with decadence.



  1. Make the custard the night before and refrigerate it overnight. Alternatively, you may use chilled, cooked vanilla pudding, or instant.
  2. Make the donuts according to the instructions, accept preheat the oil between 350 and 360°F.
  3. Preferably, make small balls, the size of donut holes.
  4. Once they have cooled, fill a piping bag or cupcake decorating device with custard. Fit the bag/device with a large tip or star tip. Pierce the donut hole with the tip and push the custard into the donut. When you feel you begin to meet some resistance, withdraw the tip. Continue in this manner until all donuts are filled.
  5. You have the option on coating them. You can roll them in sugar while they are still warm (not hot).
  6. Alternatively, you may dust them with confectioners' sugar. Do this by adding a tiny bit of confectioners' sugar to a small, mesh strainer. Hovering over the donuts, tap the side of the strainer with your fingernail. Move around to dust all of the donuts.

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