Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Non-fat Berry Sherbet with Greek Yogurt

Summer is almost upon us and who won’t be craving something icy and cool like a berry sherbet? This recipe is so easy to adapt to your diet needs. You can increase the Greek yogurt or use non-fat, low-fat or full fat. You can add more stevia or not. You can even substitute the Greek yogurt for additional water and turn this into a sugar-free berry sorbet. This is a great non-fat dessert. Have some fun making your own sugar free berry sherbet with Greek yogurt today!

Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Non-fat Berry Sherbet with Greek Yogurt


Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Yield: Makes approx. 1 quart

Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Non-fat Berry Sherbet with Greek Yogurt

A guilt free, sugar free berry sherbet recipe for those days you are craving sweets!


  • 4 cups frozen blueberries, raspberries and marionberries*
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3/4 to 1-1/4** cups gluten-free nonfat Greek yogurt (FAGE or Chobani)
  • 10 packs PureVia stevia blend - found at Costco


  1. In a medium sauce pan add 4 cups frozen; boil; low heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
  2. Strain liquid and fruit into a bowl, through large fine strainer, pushing through the meat of the fruit. This can take about 20 minutes or more. Squash the berries as best as possible.
  3. Place in refrigerator to cool.
  4. Once the fruit sauce reaches room temperature add in stevia; stir.
  5. Add mixture to food processor or mixer; add yogurt; and blend well.
  6. Return to freezer until fully chilled. You can place in the freezer instead, if you wish to speed this process up.
  7. Add to ice cream machine and freeze until it ices up to the consistency you desire or according to manufacturer's instructions for sorbet. If you do not own an ice cream machine ignore this step.
  8. Freeze in an airtight container and place in the freezer. It's best to store in individual serving containers so that you do not have to defrost the entire container for each serving.


*I've used the frozen/fresh berry mix from Costco -100% berries.

**Add extra non-fat Greek yogurt, enough to your desired creaminess. I only had 3/4 cup on hand, but next time I plan on using about 1-1/4 cups. Use low-fat or full fat Greek yogurt for a richer, more ice cream taste, if you don't mind increasing the fat, calories, and carbohydrate content.

I photographed the sherbet prior to freezing. It will become much harder than this after freezing. Once frozen leave out for about 15 or minutes to defrost a bit.

Add additional stevia if you have a sweet tooth.

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