Are Cake Mate & Betty Crocker Decorating Products Gluten Free?

Gluten Free Cake with Decorations

Once you find some wonderful Gluten Free Recipes, you may wish to decorate some of them. Cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies, look more celebratory and inviting with a little color. It is fairly easy to read a label to determine whether or not a decorating product for cakes and cookies contain gluten. However, if you are super-sensitive to gluten you probably wish to avoid any form of cross contact with glutenous products made in the same manufacturing facility. Continue reading “Are Cake Mate & Betty Crocker Decorating Products Gluten Free?”

Gluten Free Cheerios Recall

Gluten Free Cheerios Recall Intructions

Cheerios recently went gluten free. Unfortunately, in July, they had something occur at their Lodi, California facility where wheat may have gotten into regular and Honey Nut Cheerios. General Mills is performing a voluntary recall. See the image at the bottom of this article to find out if a box you have is contaminated or not. Because the image is so small, I’ve listed the dates you need to check. However, first allow me to fill you on the new gluten free Cheerios. Continue reading “Gluten Free Cheerios Recall”

Are Marachino Cherries Gluten Free?

Natural Gluten Free Marachino Cherries

While you would think marachinos would be free of gluten, they may contain gluten in their additives or from processing in a factory that processes gluten-containing products. Legally, they only need to disclose wheat, not barley or rye on their labels. If you find a jar of marachino cherries that does not disclose any wheat, go ahead and still contact the manufacturer to find out if it is safe for you to consume (if you are gluten intolerant). However, there are safe brands available.

I am thrilled to learn that you can now purchase marachino cherries that are free of artificial dies, corn syrup, preservatives. They are made in a facility free of gluten and the top 8 allergens. Royal Harvest’s has a line of natural marachino cherries without artificial colors, preservatives, Nature’s Marachino Cherries. Continue reading “Are Marachino Cherries Gluten Free?”

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Varieties of Gluten Free Rice

If you’re wondering what the answer to the question, “Is rice gluten free?” you’re probably new to the gluten free diet. Rice is naturally gluten-free. It doesn’t matter if you purchase a bag of uncooked, unprocessed rice in white, jasmine, brown, or even wild or red varieties. Boxed basmati rice is included. However, there are certain times when rice may contain gluten. The FDA allows up to 20 parts per million (ppm) gluten in any product labeled gluten free. However, rice is usually gluten free when it is not labeled gluten free. Learn when rice is gluten free and when it may not be. Continue reading “Is Rice Gluten Free?”

Slow Food for Fast Lives Gluten Free Bars Review

Review of Slow Food for Fast Lives Bars

The new craze is savory flavored snack bars. Why not!? We eat them constantly as meal replacements, and honestly too much sugar is not the greatest thing for our bodies, in any form. Instead, learn about and try the new bars from Slow Foods for Fast Lives in my review. Then stay tuned in on Wednesday, September 10 for the giveaway where we’ll be giving away $60 worth of bars! Enter through October 9, 2014. Continue reading “Slow Food for Fast Lives Gluten Free Bars Review”

Brazi Bites Review

Brazi Bites Gluten Free Cheese Bread

Brazi Bites only makes one product, Brazilian tapioca cheese bread snacks, which are naturally gluten free. They are available in three flavors, Original, All Natural Bacon, and Fire Roasted Jalepeno. All three contain cheese. Read my husband’s review below and stay tuned in tomorrow for a giveaway of $60 worth of Brazi Bites, in your choice of flavors, to one lucky winner.

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Continue reading “Brazi Bites Review”

Gluten Free Caramel and Candy Review & Giveaway – The Lovely Candy Co.

Image: Gluten Free Caramel and Candy by The Lovely Candy Company

To avoid gluten cross-contamination, you may have resorted to making your own caramel and chewy candies. Well, you will not to do so any longer! The Lovely Candy Company makes gluten free caramels and healthy taffy. Not only is it delicious, but it is ghealthier for you. Read on to learn more and enter the giveaway to win a bunch to try. Good luck! Continue reading “Gluten Free Caramel and Candy Review & Giveaway – The Lovely Candy Co.”

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