Gluten Free Cocktails Flambe

Below I list several different versions of flambeĀ gluten free cocktails. The meaning of flambe is to add alcohol and ignite. Though alcohol is distilled which means that any gluten content should be removed, some people who are more intolerable to gluten than others may have a reaction to some alcohol. Use alcohol that you feel safe consuming. Meanwhile, enjoy this dessert-like cocktail whether you serve it as a coffee or as a liqueur. It makes a nice presentation for special occasions. I’m thinking New Year’s Eve, whether it be just the two of you, or for a party.

Gluten Free Flambe Cocktails


Yield: Makes 1 cocktail.

Gluten Free Flambe Cocktails

A dessert-like gluten free flambe cocktail using almond and either chocolate or coffee liqueurs. A spectacular presentation!

Whipping Cream Substitutes: chocolate milk, melted vanilla or chocolate ice cream.



  1. If desired, dip the rim of the glass or mug into a saucer of melted chocolate or chocolate sauce,, depending upon whether you desire a hardened chocolate rim or soft.
  2. If using, add coffee to a glass mug. If not, use a much smaller glass and proceed by pouring Amaretto, chocolate or coffee liqueur. Over the back of a spoon, pour whipping cream; add a splash or 1/4 shot glass of rum or vodka.
  3. Once you reach the person you will be serving it to, light the drink on fire using a long matchstick, to be safe; or if you feel competent, use a lighter or regular match. Serve with a heatproof swivel stick (drink stirrer) so that the flames may be stirred out.


Variation: Raley's makes Premium Holiday Roasted Coffee Blends such as peppermint. You can use this along with Kahula and chocolate liqueur for a minty holiday flavor.

Allergens will depend upon the ingredients of the chocolate you use in the chocolate liqueur, if using.

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