Gluten Free Meringue Ghost Carrot Cake

Being allergic to pumpkin, I reach for carrots or butternut squash during the fall. This carrot cake is decorated with meringue ghosts to celebrate Halloween. I used my raved about gluten free carrot cake recipe with cream cheese frosting, but I did not frost the sides. Enjoy and happy upcoming Halloween to you!

Gluten Free Meringue Ghost Carrot Cake


Yield: Makes appx. 1 dozen ghosts

Gluten Free Meringue Ghost Carrot Cake

A meringue ghost cake made from gluten free carrot cake and topped with meringue ghosts. An elegant and delicious way of celebrating Halloween.



  1. Make the ghosts in the link above the day before and leave them in the oven to dry.
  2. The day you make the cake, either using melted gluten free chocolate, chocolate ganache, royal icing with added food coloring, or any ready-made gluten free frosting, pipe faces onto ghosts.
  3. Make carrot cake as directed at the link above in the ingredients list. Refrigerate and frost as desired. (The cream cheese frosting recipe makes enough frosting to frost the entire cake, but you can omit the sides, if desired.)
  4. Place the ghosts on top of the cake immediately after frosting. (Once the frosting sets, it may not stick to the cake.)
  5. Store leftover cake in the refrigerate covered with plastic wrap for up to four days.

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