Strawberry Mojito Cocktail (Naturally Gluten Free)

A strawberry mojito cocktail is naturally gluten free and can be made with alcohol or virgin style (without alcohol). It is a very refreshing drink. You can use seltzer water or club soda, whichever you prefer or have on hand. It’s the perfect summer cocktail and makes a beautiful presentation for guests.


Gluten Free Strawberry Mojito


Yield: Serves 1.

Gluten Free Strawberry Mojito

A strawberry mojito recipe which is naturally gluten free. A colorful, flavorful, and sweet cocktail using rum, strawberries, mint, and club soda.


  • 2 large strawberries (not overly ripe), hulled and sliced
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 2 teaspoons superfine bar sugar
  • 1 -2 fluid oz. (1 - 2 shots) rum
  • 1/4 cup club soda


  1. Add the strawberries (reserve one for garnish), mint and sugar to a cocktail shaker (without the lid) and stir until the most of the sugar dissolves.
  2. Add the rum, add the lid and shake well. Pour it into a tall glass, and add club soda and ice.
  3. Garnish with a mint leaf and half a strawberry.


Feel free to add more strawberry slices for additional flavor.

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