Gluten Free Potato Pancakes for Breakfast

Though this Potato Pancake Recipe was posted previously, I thought I would share it with you as a gluten-free breakfast or brunch idea. There are a number of fillings you can use for potato pancakes. My favorite is cheese, but I usually eat them plain or with a little butter on top. This time instead of using butter I used gluten-free margarine, Smart Balance, as a test and I did not notice any difference in browning.

Image: Gluten Free Potato Pancakes

You can serve potato pancakes with any breakfast item: bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, and don’t forget some fruit! One cannot live by protein and starch alone, though it’s enjoyable trying! If you’re not a fruit eater try some fresh squeezed juice. You will be missing the fiber, but will get many of the nutrients. A juicer is the best way to go!

Using margarine or butter showed no difference in browning. You can easily brown your margarine of butter prior to frying potato pancakes and it will actually help in the browning process. Just don’t brown it enough to burning it.

For full recipe visit Potato Pancake Recipe.

I try to guess what people may ask about a recipe prior to publishing it. The only thing I can imagine someone asking about this one is, “What do you do with leftover potato pancakes?” (It must be my humorous mood today!) This is funny because potato pancakes are usually made from leftover mashed potatoes. I suggest using any leftover breakfast ingredient and making a breakfast burrito. Check out the recipe for gluten-free low-sodium tortillas. UPDATE – January 9, 2014: Better yet, check out this recipe for Gluten Free Lefse.

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