Gluten Free Fortune Cookie Recipe

Here is another recipe that I think you may enjoy that I developed for, a gluten free fortune cookie recipe. It is not as crisp as their gluten counterparts, however, they are a close cousin.

Image: Gluten Free Fortune Cookie

The recipe calls for Superfine Rice Flour, potato starch, and cornstarch. However, you can substitute the potato starch for cornstarch and vice versa. Cornstarch has a slightly higher crisping quality. Therefore, you may wish to consider using all cornstarch. This is what I will try if I make them again. Meanwhile, it is fun to make these when you are have a Chinese themed meal. Kids love them, as well as the kid in all of us adults. Have fun making your fortunes! Here is the link to the recipe: Gluten Free Fortune Cookie Recipe.

Notes: If you are allergic to nuts, just use vanilla extract and skip the almond extract. However, almond extract provides a truer fortune cookie flavor.


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