Gluten Free Apple Tart Made with Puff Pastry

If you miss traditional¬†pastry, you have to try this ¬†gluten free apple tart recipe. Plus, the filling is so easy. It uses my amazing gluten free puff pastry recipe. I don’t usually toot my own horn, but when I tried this pastry dough for the first time, I felt like I died and went to heaven. It had been 10 years since I had good pastry. I‚Äôve included a link to my dairy free version as well. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Apple Tart Made with Puff Pastry


Yield:  Makes four 7 to 9-inch tarts

Gluten Free Apple Tart Made with Puff Pastry

A simple gluten free apple tart made with an amazing homemade gluten free puff pastry dough. You, your friends & family will never know this is gluten free.



  1. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Roll puff pastry out to 1/8-inch thick.
  3. Using a salad plate as a guide, cut dough into four rounds.
  4. Transfer two rounds to each prepared baking sheet, cover and refrigerate at least 30 minutes.
  5. Preheat oven to 400¬įF with one rack on the top shelf and another on the bottom.
  6. Layer apple slices over the pastry dough leaving a 1/3-inch border on the edges.
  7. Brush apples with lemon juice.
  8. Sprinkle each tart with 1 - 2 teaspoons sugar.
  9. Brush edges of dough with beaten eggs.
  10. Bake tarts on upper and lower shelves of oven at the same time, switching shelves halfway through. Bake until pastry puffs up, edges become golden around the edges, and apples soften, 20 - 25 minutes.
  11. If desired, brush top with your favorite orange colored jam such as peach, apricot, or marmalade.
  12. Once baked, transfer tarts to wire racks to cool for about 10 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature topped with French Vanilla Ice Cream, Gluten Free Pastry Cream, or Baked Custard. Freeze baked leftovers tightly wrapped and sealed.

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