Gluten Free Ice Cream Tacos (with Variations)

Using either Gluten Free Pizzelles or traditional taco shells, you can make these gluten free ice cream tacos in a number of ways. Check out two of my favorite ways. They’re both delicious!

Gluten Free Ice Cream Tacos (with Variations)

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: Makes 16 ice cream tacos

Gluten Free Ice Cream Tacos (with Variations)

A delicious gluten free ice cream taco recipe or a an easy alternative using commercial taco shells, which provides a salty contrast.



  1. Make the pizzelles as instructed at the above link. While they are still warm, fold them into a taco shell; set aside to cool. You can also use traditional crispy corn taco shell for a salty flavor.
  2. Scoop your favorite ice cream in the shells and drizzle with chocolate ganache or syrup.
  3. Alternatively, pack the taco shells fully, smoothing out the top and freeze. Then dip the top half in melted chocolate and sprinkle with nuts. Allow the chocolate to set prior to serving. (A taco holder is handy for freezing and setting.)

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