Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket

This recipe is not technically gluten free pigs in a blanket, but gluten-free sausages in a blanket. It uses my gluten-free biscuit recipe. I learned while making them that the blankets need to be larger than 4″ in order to prevent from popping open, perhaps enough to overlap at least an inch. I would also suggest trying some egg wash (beaten egg) between the overlapped layers to keep them closed. You just have to make sure that the sausages are not hot while wrapping them. They need to be cooled completely.

In addition, do not wrap them and place them anywhere besides your baking sheet or the sausage grease will leak on them and they will tear when you lift them. But that happened to me because I poke my Italian sausage before I fry them. I had quite a mess on my hands. I had to piece the dough back together again. It was crazy! I’ll do better on all of this next time and perhaps update the photo, too. Hot dogs would work much better. If not baking immediately, place them on the baking sheet and refrigerate. Other than that, they tasted perfect! The dough was great. Another idea is to make smaller sheets of dough for appetizers with mini hot dogs or half hot dogs. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket


Yield: 5 large pigs in a blanket

Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket

A gluten free pigs in a blanket recipe for use with sausage or hot dogs.


  • 5 gluten-free sausages (New York Style sausages, etc.) (or hot dogs like Open Naturre, Applegate)
  • 1/4 cup filtered water
  • Half recipe of Gluten Free Biscuits
  • 1 large egg, beaten (egg wash for sealing)


    To Make the Sausages:
  1. Preheat oven to 425°F.
  2. Add 1/4 cup filtered water to a sausage in skillet or non-stick frying pan.
  3. Cook on medium-high until all water is gone; turn to cook both sides; then brown; total cooking time 20-25 minutes.
  4. Remove sausages from pan and allow to drain on paper towels. Set aside to cool completely.
  5. To Make the Dough:
  6. Make half of the biscuit dough at the above link. (I made the full recipe which gave me 6 extra biscuits besides the dough used in this recipe.)
  7. If making the full recipe, roll dough onto a heavily floured tapioca starched surface, to about 9" x 11".
  8. Cut five 3 1/2-inch circles out. (I used a 3 1/2-inch cup, but 4-inch would be better for sausages to overlap. Three and half-inch may work fine for hot dogs, though.) Spread them out larger by hand.
  9. Wrap each cooked and cooled sausage or cold hot dog in the circle/blanket; add a little egg wash to the tips you will overlap to keep it sealed; and press closed. If using a whole biscuit recipe, roll up the pieces left over and roll them out about 3/4" high and cut out 2" round biscuits and place them in an 8" round baking pan; or you can use more hot dogs/sausages.
  10. If you making both pigs in a blanket and biscuits, bake the pigs in a blanket for 7 minutes. Then add the biscuits and bake for an additional 8 minutes. Otherwise, bake the pigs in a blanket for a total of 15 minutes. (I wrapped the sausage in the dough and refrigerated mine for 1 hour prior to baking. If you do not refrigerated yours ahead of time, it may take less baking time, but it may also spread more.)
  11. Serve them warm.

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