Gluten Free Ham Recipes from Leftovers

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I thought since many of you served ham on Easter you would appreciate having some gluten free ham recipes to use up your leftover ham. They include breakfast to dinner and casseroles to empanadas. While many of these dishes contain cheese they can easily be made dairy-free and vegan by using dairy-free substitute cheese. Just be sure to use a gluten free brand. My favorite brand is Follow Your Heart. If you cannot locate this brand try the Daiya brand. It’s my next favorite. man favorite brand of gluten free pasta is Barilla and Jovial Egg Pasta.

Meanwhile, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and/or friends.

Image: Gluten Free Au Gratin Potatoes and HamBake this Gluten Free Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe and add chunks or pieces of leftover ham. Serve in individual casserole dishes for aesthetic appeal. Add sour cream, if desired.




Image: Gluten Free Macaroni Cheese and Ham



Macaroni and Cheese.

Make gluten free macaroni with this Gluten Free Cheese Sauce. Use white or yellow/orange cheese and add some chopped or thinly sliced folded ham. Layer with vegetables like cooked asparagus, sauteed peppers, or your favorites.

As a dairy-free and vegan option, make this Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan.


Adjust this Gluten Free Potato Skins with Cheese Sauce by substituting the bacon for thinly sliced ham. Just fry, or broil the ham in the oven, and to the top. Serve with a bowl of sour cream for dipping, if desired.

Image: Gluten Free Potato Skins










A U.K. favorite, make Gluten Free Croquettes:Gluten Free Ham and Chicken Croquettes








Gluten Free Split Pea, Ham & Potato Soup

Gluten Free Split Pea Ham & Potato Soup









Image: Gluten Free Ham Carbonara

This Gluten-Free Egg-Free Carbonara can be utilized by substituting the chicken and bacon for ham. Add 3 eggs, if desired. If it becomes dry add a bit of oil.


Image: Gluten Free Empanadas

Add ham to these:

Gluten Free Empanadas




Image: Gluten-Free Potato EmpanadaStuffed and Breaded Mashed Potato Empanadas




Gluten Free Leftover Ham Recipe Ideas

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