Gluten Free Teriyaki Steak

This gluten free teriyaki steak can be made with or without pineapple, but the pineapple makes a very nice compliment to the sweet and salty teriyaki sauce. Because it is grilled in the same pan the steak is, it tends not to be very sweet, but just lends a hint of sweetness. Serve over rice or just with a vegetable if you are a low-carber. This recipe is very easy to make which makes it a perfect dish for guests so you can enjoy their company!

Gluten Free Teriyaki Steak with Optional Pineapple


Yield: Makes 2 servings

Gluten Free Teriyaki Steak with Optional Pineapple

An amazing flank steak with homemade gluten free teriyaki sauce and optional pineapple chunks.


  • Double recipe of Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce
  • 4 pineapple slices (1 small can - Dole in 100% juice) (optional)
  • 3/4 lb. flank steak
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon tapioca, potato or cornstarch
  • 2 cups cooked white rice (optional)


  1. The steak I used was about 3/4" thick. You can cut the steak in half thickness-wise, making it half as thick, if desired.
  2. Place the steaks in an air-tight container; pour half of the teriyaki sauce over it; cover with a lid; shake to cover the steak with the sauce; and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours, preferably longer. Shake up the container once in awhile to ensure even marinading to both sides of steaks.
  3. Cut pineapple slices into chunks; cover and refrigerate until needed.
  4. Once marinaded, pre-heat a heavy skillet (cast iron is best for browning); add oil and swirl it around the skillet. Fry steaks on each side for about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes. Another option is to grill the steaks or broil them.
  5. Remove steaks from skillet and set aside.
  6. Add pineapple chunks to skillet; stir to coat with meat drippings.
  7. Add the remaining, fresh marinade to the pan; stir; simmer for a few minutes to cook any juices from the raw meat.
  8. To prevent the tapioca starch/flour from clumping, in a separate container add the tapioca starch to 1 tablespoon of water and stir, or shake, if using a covered container; then pour into the boiling sauce and stir continuously until thickened. If the sauce is too thick, add a little water.
  9. Cut steak into 1" thick strips and then bite size pieces. Add steak back to the pan and coat with sauce. If using pineapple, add it the pan, toss to coat, and pour the mixture over the top of rice.

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  1. What do you do with the olive oil? I’m guessing it’s to help fry the steak? The instructions doesn’t state it.

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