Amazing New Egg Substitute + Gluten-Free Egg-Free Marshmallow Fluff – Meringue & Meringue Cookies

This is the most amazing egg substitute, and it’s naturally gluten free. You can also use it as a substitute for egg whites. Previously, there really wasn’t any egg replacer that you could successfully whip up and use to make meringue. Now you can! It’s so simple, too! Check out below how to make it, plus watch me make it in a video.

Using any can of white beans (cannellini/white kidney), navy, or if you must, garbanzo*), drain the liquid from it and set the beans aside for another use. You’ll be using the liquid only.

*While garbanzo bean liquid, as well as the flour, have been known to taste bitter to some people, cannellini bean liquid has a citrus tartness.

Gluten Free Whole Egg Replacer

Each large egg is equal to about 3 tablespoons. That’s almost a tablespoon of egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of egg white. Replace each egg white 2 tablespoons of bean liquid and each egg yolk with additional fat such as butter, heavy cream, and the like. If you feel as if the recipe contains enough fat, you may use 3 tablespoons of bean liquid for additional lift. Adding additional bean liquid lightens and leavens baked goods.

Gluten Free Egg White Replacer

If you are making meringue, your recipe will most likely call for cups of egg white. Use equal amounts of liquid per cups of egg whites. As with any egg white recipe, if the recipe calls for adding cream of tartar for stabilization, do so using the bean liquid. Each can of beans contains approximately 1/2 to 3/4 cup liquid. Look for brands of white beans that are free of BPA (Bisphenol).


You’ll see at the end of the video that I piped the marshmallow fluff (aka meringue) onto a lined baking sheet.

See below for the video and further down for the recipe. Stay tuned in for my upcoming Egg-Free Meringue Recipe.

Amazing New Egg Substitute + Gluten-Free Egg-Free Marshmallow Fluff


Yield: Makes appx. 6 - 8 cups

Amazing New Egg Substitute + Gluten-Free Egg-Free Marshmallow Fluff

A gluten-free egg-free marshmallow fluff recipe to make all of your favorite sweets without sacrificing on flavor or texture.


  • 1/2 cup liquid from 15 oz-can¬†white beans (cannelini/white kidney or navy (garbanzo is usually bitter) (or dry beans * - see Tips section)
  • 3/4 cup fine sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (for stabilization)
  • 1 teaspoon pure almond, vanilla, or lemon extract (or instant coffee, to taste)


  1. Pour bean liquid into the bowl of your stand mixer (or hand electric mixer) fitted with the whisk attachment.
  2. Add cream of tartar and beat on high speed until it begins to thicken, about 5 minutes.
  3. Add sugar and vanilla a little bit at a time, over about 1 minute. Continuing to beat, about 3 additional minutes, depending upon the power of your mixer. (Mine is 325 watts.)
  4. Use as a frosting for cakes and cupcakes; a filling for cupcakes, Twinkies, and cookies; or swirl with chocolate as a topping for brownies.


*You can also use dry white beans. Just cook the beans in water, drain, and then cook the juice until it becomes thick, up to 2 hours or so. If you presoak and drain your beans prior to cooking, the meringue will not be as stiff.

To bake the meringue, use a low temperature such as 225 degrees F and bake until crisp 1 hour with oven on. Then, turn off the oven and allow the cookies to dry out for another 1 - 2 hours without opening the door.

3 Replies to “Amazing New Egg Substitute + Gluten-Free Egg-Free Marshmallow Fluff – Meringue & Meringue Cookies”

  1. Can you brown the meringue with a torch or in the oven…like on top of a pie or cake? I am thinking of a Smores cake?

    1. Connie,

      I haven’t tried browning it. I think I have some bean liquid in the freezer. I’ll defrost it and give it a try soon. If you try it before, please let me know.


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