Gluten Free Checkerboard Cake Recipe

My new gluten free yellow butter cake recipe is perfect for this gluten free checkerboard cake. You don’t want to use a thin batter in a checkerboard cake because when you remove the divider ring the batters will run into one another. Yes. You need a special ring for this recipe. I have linked to the Wilton’s Checkerboard Cake Pan Set in the ingredients list. It is so fun to make this cake. Don’t feel intimidated as it is not complicated at all. It turned out very moist and delicious. You may skip the chocolate and add another flavored extract or food coloring to the other half of the batter. You can make it to fit any holiday color scheme. Be creative and enjoy!

Gluten Free Checkerboard Cake Recipe


Yield: Serves 10.

Gluten Free Checkerboard Cake Recipe

A gluten free checkerboard cake made from moist, homemade yellow and chocolate cake that is both delicious and beautiful. It will even fool gluten-eaters.



  1. Make the yellow cake up through the batter steps as instructed in the recipe link above. Be sure to preheat the oven to 350°F and spray two of the cake pans with oil.
  2. Divide the batter in half between two bowls, and stir in the melted chocolate into one of the bowls.
  3. Transfer the two batters into separate piping bags or ziplock storage bags with one end snipped off. (Alternatively, you may skip this step and just spoon the batter into the pans, however, it will get pretty messy, and sometimes the wrong color batter gets into the wrong pan.)
  4. Place the batter divider ring in one of the prepared 9-inch round pans. Pour chocolate batter in outer section, yellow in the middle section, and chocolate in the middle. Remove the divider ring, rinse clean and dry, and place in the remaining prepared pan. Fill the outer ring with yellow batter, the middle with chocolate, and yellow in the middle. Fill the pan sections about halfway full. (The cake pan set comes with 3 pans,*. and you can 1.5 times this recipe to make a triple-layer cake. I made a double-layer cake.)
  5. Bake as instructed in the yellow cake recipe, 25 - 27 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean and the cake springs back when touched. Cool in pan 10 minutes and transfer to a wire rack to completely.
  6. Position the layer with chocolate cake on the outside onto a serving plate and spread some frosting on top.
  7. Position the layer with yellow cake on outside on top of the frosting and spread it with more frosting. (If using a third layer, position the other layer with chocolate on the outside on top of the last of frosting and frost the entire cake, beginning with the top and then the sides.


*If the chocolate cake batter is too thin, allow to rest and thicken a bit before adding it to the pan.

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