Gluten Free Recipes and Ideas for Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and I understand that some of you may be celebrating it this weekend, or next. However, there’s nothing wrong with making a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for your special someone, in addition to your weekend celebration. I have listed below a few ideas, as well as linked to a couple of my gluten free recipes. I hope you find them useful. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Image: Heart Shaped Gluten Free Panakes


  • Add red food coloring (Select Tea has some natural and organic ones) and cocoa powder to the batter to make¬†gluten free red velvet pancakes¬†(see link for recipe).
  • Cook pancakes as directed; use a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out a few to serve; reserve scraps for eating later on.
  • Place the pancake batter inside pre-oiled, metal heart-shaped cookie cutters while in the pan; remove cookie cutter; flip over to complete cooking.¬†Gluten free banana pancakes¬†are awesome! You can also use non-stick heart pancake molds and pour the batter in the center directly on the grill or in the skillet.
  • 4 pancakes with the letters L O V E piped out using jelly.
  • If you have letter stencils (or make your own from paper), add stencil letters L O V E to each pancake with L O V E; dust them with powdered sugar; remove stencil.

Image: Heart Shaped Fried Egg Inside Slice of Toast


Create any of the ideas below using any of the gluten free bread recipes or quick breads available on this blog.

  • Toast and Eggs: Fry eggs sunny-side-up, or over…inside heart shaped cookie cutters; using the same cookie cutter, cut out the same shape in a slice of gluten free bread; replace bread shaped heart with heart shaped egg.
  • Cut out heart shapes using cookie cutter; and toast just the heart shapes.
  • Make traditional shaped toast with a heart ¬†piped out¬†with jelly, or fill the jelly heart fully with jelly.
  • 4 Pieces of Toast: With the letters L O V E piped out using jelly.

Image: Heart Shaped Fried Eggs


Fry eggs sunny-side-up, or over…inside heart shaped cookie cutters; using the same cookie cutter.

Image: Apple with Carved Out Heart


  • Whole apples sprinkled with powdered sugar – Wipe off a little of the powdered sugar in a heart shape.
  • Cut a heart shape out, just of the skin; add lemon juice to the meat of the apple to prevent browning. Make a few and use as part of a centerpiece.

Image: Cappuccino with Cinnamon Heart


Make a cappuccino and sprinkle on a heart shape using cinnamon; or a latte using cocoa powder.

Allergen Warning: Allergen vary depending upon recipe or ingredients used.

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